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Crane Institute of America

Train With Us and Certify with CIC

Crane Institute of America (CIA) offers exceptional prep courses for Mobile Crane Operators, Riggers and Signalpersons. Our programs are designed to prepare students to take the Nationally Accredited CIC written certification exams. CIA is a proud partner with Crane Institute Certification (CIC). CIA is a written and practical exam site for mobile crane operator and rigger/signalperson certifications. This means when you attend a CIA training program you can take the certification exams immediately after training; the material is still fresh, saving both time and money!

Mobile Crane Operator Training | 4 Days, $995

This program covers the fundamentals of crane operation: pre-operational inspection, setup, load moment indicators, and controlling load swing. Hands-on training conducted intermittently throughout the program. Learn more about our Mobile Crane Operator Training Program here.

Crane Operator Certification Exams and Prices:
  1. Small Telescoping Boom, under 21 Tons
  2. Medium Telescoping Boom, 21-75 Tons
  3. Large Telescoping Boom, over 75 Tons
  4. Lattice Boom Crawler/Truck, 1-300 Tons
  5. Lattice Boom Crawler/Truck, over 300 Tons

$155.00 – General Knowledge and 1 Supplemental Exam
(additional Supplemental Exams $10.00 each)
$75.00 – Seat (Proctoring) Fee
$55.00 – Grading Fee for Practical Exam
$495.00 – Practical Exam Fee

Prices are valid for Crane Institute of America only and may differ at other approved exam sites.

Become a CIC Authorized Practical Examiner and conduct the Mobile Crane Operator Practical Exams at your facility! CIC Authorized Practical Examiner.
Mobile Crane Operator

Crane Institute Certification (CIC) - NCCA Accredited and OSHA RecognizedCIC Man - CIC Certified!

Rigger/Signalperson Training | 2 Days, $595

Participants will learn about proper rigging practices & procedures, hoisting personnel, hand & voice signals, the basics of crane operation & limitations, and the list goes on. Learn more about our Rigger/Signalperson Training program here.

Rigger/Signalperson Certification Exam Prices:

$149.00 – Includes both Written and Practical Exams
$50.00 – Seat (Proctoring) Fee

Prices are valid for Crane Institute of America only and may differ at other approved exam sites.

We will handle registration for a fee.

Crane Institute Instructor rigging a load