Breaking Down the Different Types of Training Programs at Crane Operator Schools

Breaking Down the Different Types of Training Programs at Crane Operator Schools

Crane operator schools teach program participants valuable skills that they can use to operate or work around heavy construction equipment like cranes. While the primary training program offered at these schools focuses on the safe operation of cranes, these institutions typically offer several other educational pathways.

Understanding the types of training programs available at crane schools will help those interested in crane operations find the best course for their career goals. 

What Are Crane Operator Schools?

Crane operator schools are institutions that teach attendees the skills necessary to safely and efficiently operate a crane. While program lengths vary, general crane operator courses typically last four to eight weeks. More intensive programs may last longer.

Upon completion of a crane operator program, participants must pass a written exam. After that, they receive a crane operator’s certificate. 

In addition to obtaining a certificate, those interested in the profession will also need several years of on-the-job training. Many organizations offer paid apprenticeships or extended training opportunities, during which participants can refine the skills they learned in school.

What Programs Do Crane Schools Offer?

Along with operator training, top crane operator schools offer programs such as:

  • Inspector training
  • Rigger and signalperson training
  • Train-the-trainer courses
  • Crane management training
  • CIC practical examiner training

Inspector training teaches participants how to thoroughly inspect equipment so they can ensure that it’s safe to use. Rigger and signalperson training equips support staff with the skills they need to work closely with crane operators. 

Train-the-trainer courses certify participants to train other crane operators. The crane management course focuses on managerial responsibilities, such as choosing crane deployment locations on a work site. 

CIC practical examiner training certifies participants to conduct practical exams with students enrolled in the basic crane operator course.

Whether you’re new to the field of crane operations or are interested in expanding your knowledge base, a crane operator school can help you achieve your career goals. To get started, connect with a reputable school and enroll in the program that aligns with your career objectives. 

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