How an Overhead Crane Certification Keeps the Construction Site Safe

How an Overhead Crane Certification Keeps the Construction Site Safe

Earning your overhead crane certification from one of the top crane operator schools in the country is your duty as a professional. With your credentials comes great responsibility, and much of that responsibility involves keeping every construction site that you work on safe.

What Does Your Overhead Crane Certification Mean for Safety?

Crane operators who have earned their certification have been instructed on proper operation protocols to prevent accidents, injuries, and deaths at the worksite. According to Safety Matters Weekly, a 10-year OSHA study found that 70% of incidents at worksites between 1997 and 2007 could have been prevented if proper training of crane operators had taken place.

The OSHA report also outlined the financial and human impact of the 270 reported fatalities and injuries from the 250 crane accidents. It found that in 74% of the accidents, cranes were being used during routine operations where OSHA required crane training to be done to protect people at these worksites.

Certification, Training, and Crane Operator Schools

When a professional has proper overhead crane certification, they will know their crane's load capacity and will not move loads that exceed their capacity.

Additionally, proper certification means that operators are trained to know when loads are and are not safely rigged. Professionals with overhead crane certifications will also know how to check for damage, operate within their crane limits, and inspect slings and other rigging hardware. 

Certified overhead crane operators have also proven their knowledge of and experience with:

  • Hoisting
  • Communicating
  • Signaling
  • Loading the hook tips
  • Centering the crane hoist to prevent load swinging

All of these critical components of overhead crane certification can mean the difference between a safe construction site and one that can result in injuries or fatalities.

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