Aerial Lift Inspector & Operator

This is an essential training program for personnel who inspect and operate aerial lifts. Students will learn OSHA and ANSI/SAIA inspection requirements, how to properly document inspections, and safe operating procedures.

4 days | $895 + $295 (Inspector Certification)
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  • Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Lifts
  • Boom Support Aerial Lifts
  • Scissors Lift


Topics Covered:

  • Causes and results of aerial lift accidents
  • Different types of aerial lifts
  • Types, components and terminology of aerial lifts
  • How to interpret and use rated capacity charts
  • How to select the right aerial lift for the job
  • Pre-start considerations and setup
  • Safe operating procedures
  • How to recognize immediate and potential hazards
  • How to perform a pre-start inspection
  • The aerial lift inspector’s role in reducing accidents and liability exposure
  • How to interpret and apply OSHA and ANSI aerial lift safety standards
  • Inspection procedures, techniques, and checklists that work
  • Understanding and applying the three levels of aerial lift inspection
  • How to comply with OSHA and ANSI recordkeeping requirements
  • We cover the new ANSI/SAIA MEWP standards that will be fully covered in this class.
  • The correct way to write inspection reports
  • When to “tag out” the aerial lift
  • Responsibilities of manufacturers, dealers, installers, owners, and users
  • How to inspect booms, structural components, gears, operating mechanisms, functions and control systems, power plants, braking systems, attachments, pins and shafts, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic components, emergency safety devices, and operator aids, etc.

You will receive:

  • Aerial Lift Operator Workbook
  • Aerial Lift Inspector Workbook
  • Aerial Platform Safety Manual
  • Manual of Responsibilities
  • Pre-operation inspection checklist
  • Wire Rope Measurements Card
  • Inspection Certificate Decal
  • Certificate of Training
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