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Get to Know 8 Components & Functions of Cranes at Crane Schools
Get to Know 8 Components & Functions of Cranes at Crane Schools If you plan to attend school to obtain your crane operator certification, you may wonder exactly what you are going to learn. That depends on the exact course of study you select, but in any case, you will learn the various components of cranes and t... Read More

Last 2 Championship Finalists Revealed Crane Institute of America hosted the final regional qualifier event for the 2014-15 Crane Operator & Rigger Skills Competition in Louisville, Kentucky at the Papa John’s Cardinal Center, Green Lot C. The event was held Monday, Se... Read More

How to Inspect Synthetic Hoist Rope When it comes to inspecting hoist rope, there is an abundance of information, in print and online, to help assist an inspector with wire rope. Samson's announcement in early March regarding the first mobile crane manufactured by Manitowoc with synthe... Read More

Fall Prevention Week Stand-Down Stand-Down for Fall Prevention - OSHA is asking you to do your part. What activity are you doing that will make your employees more aware of fall hazards? Falls cause the largest number of injuries and fatalities in construction. A larger numbe... Read More

There is a Crane in my Neighborhood - Run for Cover! Run for cover! There is a crane in my neighborhood setting roof trusses. Seriously, there are dozens of crane accidents on YouTube. It seems as if most cranes end up on the roof of the house they were meant to build or reach over. I think, there ar... Read More

Operator Protection from Heat Illness OSHA is Campaigning to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers Heat Illness can affect anyone working outside. This includes crane operators, riggers, signalpersons, inspectors, and supervisors. You do not have to exert much energy to become dehydra... Read More

Cranes Make Moon Walk Possible Sophisticated tools, including cranes, helped make Astronaut Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon a reality some 45 years ago. Through hard work, dedication, and ingenuity space flight stepped out of science fiction novels and improved building strategi... Read More

A Crane of Mammoth Proportions One of our instructors, Randy Bucher, recently got the honor of sitting in Bigge's 125D, an A-Frame Derrick crane with 1,520 ton capacity. This derrick crane has a stationary counterweight of 5,600 tons. The crane runs on a track around the counterw... Read More

Forklift Needs a Lift “We have always done it that way, and have never had a problem.” Have you ever heard that excuse? Have you ever used that excuse yourself? Like all unsafe shortcuts, others may look the other way or even applaud your resourcefulness if ... Read More

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