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For over 35 Years, Crane Institute of America has conducted training and issued crane operator certification and qualifications throughout the US and elsewhere around the world.

This has been performed for operators, riggers, inspectors, trainers, and managers etc. for all types of lifting and personnel handling equipment. We are known for making learning enjoyable and information easy to understand while maintaining a high level of quality.

There are a multitude of companies that perform what they consider to be training and even issue some type of a credential. Most don’t even come close to meeting applicable OSHA regulations. For example, see the OSHA 1926.1427(j)(i)(A)-(F) which list the topics that must be covered in a training program. Your training and qualification credentials are only as good as the company that issues them. You can trust that the Crane Institute has you covered when it comes to OSHA.

If you are paying for training make sure its the best!

Our Qualification and Certification training programs are considered the benchmark of the industry. We have always been the standard.

That’s why we are “The Standard in Crane and Rigging Training”.

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What Clients Are Saying

I've attended many different classes at the Crane Institute facility in Sanford Fl. I've also attended classes that the people of Crane Institute conducted at our companies sites. In all the classes I've attended, I've found the instructors to be extremely knowledgeable and effective in facilitating the training programs. I'm a mobile equipment operator trainer by occupation myself and can truthfully say I've seen no more effective method of training that the folks at CIA use. The programs are very interesting as well as very challenging. The folks at CIA also people of the highest integrity. Anyone needing training on any type of crane, aerial lifts, forklifts or rigging/signal persons should check out CIA. In my opinion, there is no one better in the industry.

Great resource for training.

Just recently completed crane inspector certification! Enjoyed my time here with the instruction from Jim Headley to the class time and interaction with my classmates! Everyone from the staff down to instructors are awesome!

Highly recommend!!!!!!

Great experience! Trained to be a trainer on rigging/signalperson. The instructor and other class attendees were very supportive and informative.

Been going a little over ten years now. Great company to work with in this industry! 5 Stars!

Great school , instructor was very informative and helpful, I'm almost due for recertification , maybe fla bound.

Incredible training facility with an awesome staff that really cares about their students. Highly recommend this institute for anyone looking to become CIC certified.

Great school! I am CIC and NCCCO certified and would highly recommend the Crane Institute.

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