Option 1: Instructor-Led Course
Crane Institute of America offers two formats for the instructor-led recertification course: a virtual session conducted via Zoom and an in-person session at our Sanford, FL facility. Each session consists of two 4-hour blocks with a 1-hour lunch break in between, totaling 9 hours. The course fee is $395.00 per participant. These sessions are led by experienced instructors and are designed to comprehensively refresh participants’ skills.

Option 2: Online Exercise
For those who prefer a self-paced format, we offer the Online Exercise through This exercise assesses your knowledge in the specific credential you are seeking to recertify. Once initiated, you will have 10 days to complete the exercise, with most participants finishing in about 4 to 5 hours. This flexible option allows you to demonstrate your ongoing proficiency at your convenience. 



Online Exercise: $295.00

Instructor-Led Training: $395.00


***There is a 60 day grace period from the expiration before the price of the recertification doubles***


How To Find Your Expiration Date
How To Find Your Expiration Date

IMPORTANT: If your certification number starts with letters, it indicates that your certification is managed by CIC. Unfortunately, it cannot be renewed via this website. For CIC recertification inquiries, please contact 407-878-5590.

How & When To Get Recertified
How & When To Get Recertified

Your recertification card will be valid for two years upon completion of one of the below options.