Crane Management Recertification Options

Option 1: Easy Online Re-Certification/Re-Qualification 

This is a self-paced online re-qualification/re-certification training exercise that must be completed within 10 days of starting the exercise and may be completed on any computer with internet access. You can easily sign up and purchase online from this website.

Option 2: Attend a Re-Certification/Re-Qualification program either Virtually or In-Person

You can attend the program virtually from the comfort your own home or office or you can attend an instructor-led program at our facility. Most programs consist of just one day of instruction.

If your card expired and it’s after the 90-day grace period:

3 months to 2 years expired

= 2x the re-cert price and you will have to take the Recertification Training Exercise which can be complete online. For those that need additional training a training program class can be attended at half-price.

Over 2 years expired

= Before taking the exam you must retake the initial training class for half price and take the exam at the re-cert price. You can attend the class either virtually or in person at our training facility.

How To Find Your Expiration Date
How To Find Your Expiration Date

Look on your Qualification or Certification card. The expiration date and year is clearly listed on your Crane Institute issued credential.

How & When To Get Recertified
How & When To Get Recertified

Your recertification card will be valid for two years upon completion of one of the below options. This includes a 90-day grace period.