Albeit a Big One, It's Still Just a Boom Truck


In May Cranes & Access reported that a boom truck overturned in New Jersey.

It appears to have been caused by all the wrong conditions: the crane was

  • In the grass
  • Near power lines
  • Boom over the front
  • 0% outriggers

Even if there are load charts for partially set outriggers (0 or 50%), if there is enough room always use 100% outrigger setting. The boom is in the front area of operation, and the front stabilizer does not appear to be down as is normally required. All cranes have to be set up on firm, level ground, even if the ground has to be improved to meet the crane manufacturer’s requirements!

In addition, the operator should have stayed with the crane, because normally they are not able to jump fast or far enough and end up under the crane instead of relatively safe in the cab. Thankfully in this incident the operator was not injured.

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