An Eyebolt on Rigging

Eyebolt nut RiggingEyebolts can make a rigging job easier, but easier doesn’t mean safer.

An untrained rigger may incorrectly believe he can connect to an eyebolt by any means that work, but it is never that simple.

Eyebolts like all rigging gear, have requirements for safe use. Always follow manufacturer procedures when available, and remember these safety tips.

  • When used for lifting, eyebolts must be made from forged alloy steel, not cast iron
  • To connect to a load, eyebolts must be strong enough to withstand forces applied
  • The shoulder of an eyebolt must be flush with mounting surface
  • Shouldered eyebolts must be used when pulling at an angle
  • Angular pull must be in the plane of the eye
  • Eyebolts must have sufficient capacity; greatest when loaded in the vertical and reduced if pulled at an angle

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