How to Inspect Synthetic Hoist Rope

When it comes to inspecting hoist rope, there is an abundance of information, in print and online, to help assist an inspector with wire rope. Samson's announcement in early March regarding the first mobile crane manufactured by Manitowoc with synthetic hoist rope might have some inspectors scratching their heads. How do you inspect synthetic hoist rope?

Although synthetic hoist rope has not been regulated by industry standards, such as ASME B30 series, there is good news. Samson has a handy Inspection & Retirement Pocket Guide. This guide shows actual size pictures of the different stages in the life of synthetic hoist rope.

With all the benefits synthetic hoist rope offers, it is only a matter of time before other manufacturer's jump on the band-wagon. Until the time comes that industry standards create regulations, this pocket guide provides an excellent reference.

Read "Synthetic Hoist Rope the New Wire Rope" for a list of benefits.


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