Lift Director
Lift Director

Lift Director

Did you know that a Lift Director is required on every job site during crane and lifting operations?  This program covers the ASME Lift Director responsibilities and the OSHA inspection guidelines and enforcement procedures used when inspecting a job site where cranes are utilized. This program will prepare you for OSHA’s inspection.

Lift Director certification is available for those who qualify.

(Also see our Assembly/Disassembly Director program.)

2 days | $595
CIA Lift Director Certification $295


  • Mobile Cranes
  • Rigging


  • Ensuring the crane is in compliance
  • Special lifting operations
  • Ensuring the operating area is prepared for crane operations
  • Addressing lift conditions that may affect crane operations
  • Executing the lift plan
  • Working cranes near power lines
  • Appointing qualified personnel
  • Hoisting personnel

Requirements for Lift Director certification

  • Complete the Crane Institute of America Lift Director training program
  • Possess physical ability to perform duties required of lift director
  • Have a minimum of three years of experience working with mobile cranes and rigging (A trainee qualification will be issued to applicants with less experience)
  • Pass a written examination

You will receive

  • Mobile Cranes Handbook
  • Rigging Handbook
  • Lift Director Workbook
  • OSHA 1926 Subpart CC Cranes & Derricks Standards
  • Applicable portions of OSHA’s Compliance Directive
  • Mobile Crane Hand Signal Card
  • Rigger’s Capacity Card
  • Certificate of Training
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