New Jersey Sinkhole Swallows Forklift

A New Jersey sinkhole opened up and swallowed a man on his forklift into a gooey vat of cooking oil and soy sauce that had drained into that hole, apparently filling it like a pool. If the man wasn't on the forklift he could have drowned in that sinkhole, claimed the rescuers that came when 911 was called.

This was no tiny hole in the ground, the gaping 30-by-40 foot hole was 10-feet deep, according to  USA Today on May 21, 2013. It is unknown how that sinkhole got filled up with cooking oil and soy sauce, but that is what the liquid has been identified as in reports coming from the site of the sinkhole. Danny Rodriguez was just doing his job, when the ground beneath him opened up. He was using the forklift to store food products at a East Rutherford, New Jersey warehouse.

By the time the rescuers arrived, Rodriguez had escaped the dark, wet hole full of gunk. He did receive minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully this   outcome was much better than the life lost in a sinkhole that opened up a few months back in Florida. That sinkhole swallowed a man in bed, along with his bedroom.

That man was never found, as the ground became too unstable and needed to be filled in. That sinkhole became the man's grave. Thankfully the New Jersey sinkhole had a happy ending.

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