Enspector Coming Soon


Enspector Digital Inspections


What is Enspector?

Enspector is an industry first from the Crane Institute. This digital paperless inspection platform contains our most popular tried and true inspection forms.


Benefits of Enspector

With Enspector you will be able to complete an inspection checklist on your smart phone or tablet.

The digital inspection will give you the capability to add photos as you perform the inspection. This will provide evidence and visual information should anything regarding the inspection be questioned.

An additional benefit of Enspector is that each inspection item has a handy OSHA or AMSE reference.

Once the inspection is completed, the digital form can be emailed to the person or persons of your choice. Enspector will also store all your inspections in the cloud for easy access and retrieval at any time.


How will I purchase Enspector?

That’s the easy part. Enspector will use a credit-based system for its digital inspections.

You will purchase blocks of credits right here online.

There will be no monthly fee you will just pay for what you use.

The cost will be one credit per inspection that is completed.