Lift Planner Workshop
Lift Planner Workshop

Lift Planner Workshop

Following ASME P30.1 (Planning for Load Handling Activities) you will learn our step-by-step process in developing and implementing a lift plan— starting with the crane, identifying the proper personnel, and selecting the rigging equipment; ending with moving the load to its destination. Lift Planner certification is available for those who qualify.

(Attending our Rigging/Signalperson Training Program is recommended before attending this program.)

3 days | $895 + $295 Lift Planner Certification


  • Telescoping Boom Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Cranes


  • Selecting the right type and capacity crane
  • Choosing the correct crane configuration
  • Crane setup and location
  • Identifying and eliminating site-specific hazards
  • Determining the correct size matting or blocking
  • Determining operator and rigging crew qualifications
  • Load chart and rigging exercises
  • Developing standard and critical lift plans

Requirements for Lift Planner certification

  • Complete the Crane Institute of America Lift Planner training program
  • Possess the physical ability to perform duties required of lift planner
  • Have a minimum of three years experience developing or assisting in the development of mobile crane lift plans (A trainee certification will be issued to applicants with less experience)
  • Pass a written examination

You will receive

  • Mobile Cranes Handbook
  • Rigging Handbook
  • Lift Planner Workbook
  • Mobile Crane Lift Plan Form
  • Rigger’s Capacity Card
  • Certificate of Training
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