Managing Crane Safety
Managing Crane Safety

Managing Crane Safety

A fast-paced program loaded with exercises and workshops designed to enable students to manage crane safety on their jobsites.

The course covers complying with OSHA and industry standards, preventing accidents, and limiting liability exposure. At our Orlando facility you will also receive hands-on instruction on our Vortex mobile crane simulator.


2 days | $595


  • Telescoping Boom Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Cranes
  • Boom Trucks
  • Industrial Cranes
  • Rigging


  • Management’s role in hazard awareness & elimination
  • Reducing liability exposure
  • Interpreting load charts
  • OSHA’s requirements for safety devices & operational aids
  • Setting up an OSHA-compliant inspection program
  • OSHA’s operator certification requirement
  • OSHA’s operator evaluation and assessment requirements
  • Qualifying your riggers and signalpersons
  • Responsibilities of crane owner/user, crane operator, lift director, site supervisor & assembly/disassembly director
  • Hoisting personnel
  • Critical lift planning
  • Rigging


You will receive

  • Mobile Cranes Handbook
  • Rigging Handbook
  • Managing Crane Safety Workbook
  • Applicable OSHA and ASME standards
  • Pre-Operational and Annual Inspection Checklists
  • Hand Signal Card
  • Rigger’s Capacity Card
  • Inspection Decal
  • Certificate of Training
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