Train-the-Trainer Rigger/Signalperson
Train-the-Trainer Rigger/Signalperson

Train-the-Trainer Rigger/Signalperson

Trying to decide how you are going to meet OSHA’s requirement to qualify your riggers and signalpersons? We have the answer; our Train-the-Trainer program. It follows our acclaimed Rigging handbook and workbook. This program is easy to facilitate and will make learning enjoyable for your students.

We will also include one FREE use of our complete training program online, which includes over 200 slides and videos–a $99 value! For exclusive discounts on additional Training Materials click here!

4 days | $1840
FREE CIA Trainer Certification
FREE CIA Rigger/Signalperson Qualification


  • Wire Rope
  • Slings
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Chain Hoists
  • Lever Hoists


  • Safe use of wire rope, slings, rigging hardware and chain & lever hoists
  • OSHA & ASME standards
  • Pre-use inspection of wire rope, slings, rigging hardware and chain & lever hoists
  • Proper use of taglines
  • Rigging practices & procedures
  • Knots used in rigging
  • Hoisting personnel
  • Hand & voice signals
  • Basics of crane operation and limitations

Requirements for Trainer Certification

  • Complete the Crane Institute of America Rigger/Signalperson Train-the-Trainer training program
  • Pass written examinations


You will receive

  • Rigging Handbook
  • Qualified Rigging/Signalperson Train-the-Trainer Workbook
  • Mobile Crane, Overhead Crane, and Tower Crane Hand Signal Cards
  • Rigging Safety Reference Card
  • Rigger’s Capacity Card
  • Crane Safety Poster
  • Hand Signal Posters
  • Certificate of Training
  • Discounts on Training Materials
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