Now I Really Know What I am Talking About!

Mobile Crane Operator Training program from the perspective of a Crane Institute employee, Eduardo Carcache.

I’ve been working at Crane Institute for over a year and felt well equipped to provide customers with the information and service they deserved but at this point there was still veryEduardo Carcache attending the Mobile Crane Operator training program little I knew about cranes, actually, I knew practically nothing, I’m a marketing major not a crane operator! Upon the insistence of our director and president, Jim Headley, I attended the three-day Mobile Crane Operator course offered at Crane Institute to further my knowledge about our business and to emulate the experience of our students.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous before class but those nerves were put to rest rather quickly due to the extremely comfortable atmosphere in class.  Although it was obvious I was the new guy who knew nothing about cranes, the other students helped out whenever they could.  Our class got to know each other Eduardo Carcache learning about load chart problems in the Mobile Crane Operator training programa bit and before long we were talking like old pals. It was a good introduction into the “World of cranes.” In just the first day, I had learned more about cranes then I had ever known and I attribute that to our terrific instructors.  Seeing one of our instructors in action and how effective they were in communicating the information was impressive. In addition, the instructor /student interaction was a welcome change from the usual co-worker interactions of the past.  By the third and final day of class, I was thinking, “Hey, I can probably do this!” and after some review, we prepared to take our exams.  In just three days I went from having very little crane knowledge to being a qualified mobile crane operator trainee. I consider this a testament to the training provided by Crane Institute and the instructor.  Attending our mobile crane operator class was a great experience and I do not expect it to be the last class I attend.

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