What's All the Fuss About? OSHA's Type and Capacity Requirement

James Headley, Director of Crane Institute of America, Inc.

James Headley, Founder and Director of Crane Institute of America, recently wrote an article focusing on the "hot topic" operator certification.  

Headley's article, "What's All the Fuss About" explains OSHA's requirement that operator certification be by type and capacity.

Why is this such a "hot topic?" Because there are many current operator certifications that do not have capacity limitations and there is a possibility that these operators have certifications that are invalid and will be required to take additional tests. 

Headley goes on in the article and provides a solution to the problem of possible operator disenfranchisement. This is an article that you will surely be interested in reading.

The good news for Crane Institute Certification (CIC) is that operator certification for telescoping boom cranes meets OSHA's type and capacity requirements and therefore these operators will not be required to be retested.

To read Headley's article, click here.

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